Sophia Nursery, Primary and High School

NAL Road, Murugeshpalaya, Bangalore - 17

About Us


Sophia School is dedicated to providing a liberal value based education. The Aims and Objectives under which the school functions are as follows:-

  • Sophia School provides students with superior educational opportunities with English as the medium of instruction.
  • To create an insatiable thirst for knowledge and urge every child to reach the very pinnacle of excellence.
  • To nurture the latest talent of every individual child taking into consideration the mental, physical, social and spiritual needs of the child.
  • To infuse self-confidence, courage, team spirit, tolerance, a sense of dignity, personal integrity, honour and patriotism.
  • To inculcate values, attitudes and habits that would focus on building a new social order based on equality of opportunity and social, political and economic justice.
  • To foster an atmosphere to develop young people of high academic calibre integrity, social conscience, warmth and courage.

An ideal teacher student ratio innovative approach to education excellent infrastructure, including the core values of our rich heritage at a young age so that emotional, social, moral, spiritual and mental discipline becomes a way of life for every student at this spiritual centre for learning.

The student however are very proficient at using the modern tools of technology widen their horizons of knowledge. They are trained to face the growing global challenges together with the ancient values of our rich tradition to strike a perfect balance.

The classrooms of Sophia have students and teachers brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Every teacher goes beyond academics and channelises the energy of the students positively. Guidance is critical thinking and openess of approach to the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating.

Sophia school success story is its testimony academically brilliant with “Good” results year after year. Intellectually equipped, socially aware, psychologically mature, the students who came out of the school are living examples of excellence, having been nurtured by its value -based education in the formative period of their life.

Principal’s Message


We extend warm greetings and best wishes to all members of the Sophia Family. As we look back at the growth of the Sophia family
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